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Crown Vocational Training is a progressive and dynamic training provider, delivering quality training and work based learning. We aim to provide a wide range of learning opportunities and challenging experiences for our learners by identifying and responding to their individual needs. Crown Vocational Training currently delivers Apprenticeships throughout the Thames Gateway and London regions in Customer Service, Retail, Business Administration, Estate Agency/Lettings and Leadership & Management. We support young people in finding Apprenticeships through the National Apprenticeship Service vacancy matching website and also delivery qualifications to staff who are already employed by local companies.

The College provides a relaxed and pleasant environment where all learners receive good advice, guidance and training to enable their careers to develop and prosper.


Before I discovered who Crown Vocational Training were, I was just a normal 18 year old boy who spent most of their time either sat at home or down the job centre signing on not knowing what they wanted to do In terms of a career.

I can now happily say that choosing to sign up to the business administration course was one of the best decisions I have ever made and has now changed my life for the better! Throughout the duration of the course I learnt all the basics on what was required to work within a business environment, whilst I was learning new skills and perfecting old ones at the same time.

After completing the level one course I was offered the chance to complete a level two apprenticeship course, which I of course grabbed with both hands!. On the level two course I was placed into my first business environment at Total Ink and Office on a three month trial period whilst spending one day a week at the college to complete my NVQ qualifications. At first I was low on confidence about being in my first job role, but with the help of my director David and my colleague James I was made to feel very welcome and they both played a key part In my development whilst in the office.

Two years on and I have now completed all of my qualifications and now play a major role in ensuring that Red Office carries out its day to day duties, this includes liaising with customers daily via telephone or email, placing orders for clients, and help answering any queries that they may have. The progression I have made for the company in my time here and the passion I have for the business to succeed has now resulted in me being a joint shareholder in the business, I couldn't be happier!.

I have gone from leaving school with no qualifications to being a company shareholder in the space of 2 years and I owe it all to Crown Vocational Training.. thanks guys!

Crown Vocational Training
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Pall Mall
Tel: 01702 597499 / 07973 284071
Twitter: @crownvocational
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